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Information resource about products and business of the company the Herbalife, and also for everyone who till an old age wishes to remain young, beautiful and vigorous. A weight loss.
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Phones of the official distributor the Herbalife in Moscow:
007 495 743 1216,
+7 926 532 5263.

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The plan of sales and marketing of the company the Herbalife.

Brief information.

The plan of marketing the Herbalife suggests you unique opportunities to excel and achieve high results. This plan has been developed for distributors of the Company by its(her) distributor number one. The president and founder Mark Hughes and by the right considers the best plan of marketing in system of direct sales. According to this plan, distributors receive in the form of profit of 72 % on a sales volume of the Company in the form of incomes from wholesale and retails, the royalties, bonuses and various means of encouragement. This checked up business-plan is developed so that as much as possible to renumerate distributors of the Company to the efforts shown by them and to provide with it(him) the fast and strong income.
Business opportunities and the plan of marketing the Herbalife are identical to all distributors. The success of each of them depends on two major factors:

  1. Time, the spent efforts and measure of the responsibility of the distributor;
  2. Sales volume of the products executed by the distributor and members of its(his) organization.

In this connection special value gets a question of the responsibility of distributors for training, support and encouragement of members of its(his) organization. Below you will find the description of various levels of the plan of sales and marketing the Herbalife. Each level corresponds(meets) to the certain qualification and assumes corresponding(meeting) privileges and the advantages, called to renumerate distributors for their work and to strengthen their achievements.

Opportunities of reception of the income.

The plan of marketing the Herbalife gives to distributors various opportunities of reception of incomes and different ways of encouragement.

The retail income

25%-50% Profit on direct sales of products to clients

The wholesale income

8%-25% Represent a difference between by which you have paid at purchase of products, and by which was paid by your distributors.


Up to 5% from three generations. As supervisor. You have the right to reception of 5% from total amount of sales of all supervisors of three generations of your organization.

Monthly bonuses (Production Bonus)

Members of command(team) TAB Team can receive in addition monthly premiums at a rate of 2%, 4% and 6%.

Annual bonuses

Premiums to the best distributors in a recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Qualification for participation in a vacation the Herbalife

Members TAB Team which have last qualification are awarded for high parameters and the efforts spent for construction of the organization.

How to become the distributor?

To become the distributor, you should get the international business-set (the official complete set of the distributor the Herbalife) at the distributor the Herbalife which becomes your sponsor. The set costs(stands) 55€ In it(him) the form of the contract, the literature on production and materials for work enters 1 bank of Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix.


You officially become the distributor the Herbalife as soon as your application(statement) (contract) filled properly, will be processed and it is accepted in the International headquarters the Herbalife. For this purpose some days is required. For this time you can get products the Herbalife through the sponsor or completely qualified супервайзора, or at their participation, in a department of orders of the Company. The corresponding(meeting) discount will be given to you. After processing the application(statement) your contract about the Herbalife immediately inures, and on you the rights, privileges and обязаннности the distributor the Herbalife extend all.

The list of products of an internal feed(meal) and a feed(meal) of leather(skin) Dermajetics and NouriFusion Companies HERBALIFE International, presented at the moment in the Russian market.


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